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Gone Fishin’

“Where your hope is anchored your JOY is found.”

Growing up on a lake i spent a lot of time on a boat. Sometimes when we were fishing we would drop our anchor to hold us in place. Every once in a while, though, we would look up and realize that we had drifted away from where we had started, probably because we had anchored into soft ground or maybe between some unstable rocks.

And you know what? Sometimes I look up in life and find that I’ve drifted away from where I dropped my anchor, that I’ve let my focus fall from Heavenly things.

Who’s following me? Who’s not following me? Who’s texting me? Who’s not texting me? Do I have the latest and best things? What’s next? Am I making enough money? Does that filter look good? How many likes did it get? Do I look better than her? Do they like me?

“Do not give the devil an opportunity.” Ephesians 4:27

He comes to kill our joy, steal our focus and destroy our hope. He wants us to drop our anchor in distraction. The world can be so loud, but these 7 words give us the power and the permission to shut. him. down. 

Do not give comparison an opportunity. Do not give fear of rejection an opportunity. Do not give untruth an opportunity. Do not give the spirit of unworthiness an opportunity. All of these things are tactics to push you out of your seat to give the enemy a place at the table, soft ground, unstable rocks that can’t hold your anchor. Do not give the devil an opportunity.

Jesus refresh our focus! Father teach us, give us the supernatural strength to set our minds on Heavenly things. Set a hedge of protection around our minds this morning.

Nothing else matters.

Only You.


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