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Burning House

Prone to wander Lord i FEEL it.

“As a dog to its vomit so a fool repeats his foolishness” proverbs 26:11

Helloooo i don’t think we’ll be seeing that in a pretty flower crown on Pinterest anytime soon, but i know there is someone waking up, reading this who maybe feels like you’ve R E A L L Y done it this time.

There’s no way God will forgive you again.

Shame sets in like hot, thick smoke and guilt is the burning house. Self inflicted wounds are usually the most painful because you had every chance not to do the thing you did to cause the pain, but you did and now you’re hemorrhaging regret faster than you can find buckets to catch it.

So you crawl into bed or maybe the bathtub, but disappointment won’t let you get comfortable. Your memory reel on loop as you frantically search for the off button, but like a bad dream it just gets louder and louder and you’re forced to watch.

If it sounds like i know what i’m talking about it’s because I’ve been the girl in the bathtub a few hundred times. This week i found myself asking the Lord over a heaping pile of distraction (laundry) “how many times will I go back?” and what broke through the cold, harsh silence was nothing short of the most perfect answer.

He didn’t reply with a number or a timeline or a cut-off date. He simply whispered, “I will come after you every time.”

At the sound of His voice, the smoke began to lift and the hemorrhaging slowed to a trickle and then nothing. He rushed into the burning house without question and He called me out by name. He took the matches out of my hands and here i stand, breathing in fresh air and peace; whole and forgiven and safe in the arms of a good God, the One who cancels debts and disarms fear and shame. Arms open W I D E with boundless, conditionless, unending grace and love. The same arms are open and and ready for you today.

There is no place that you can go that is too far for Him to reach, there is no thing you can do that is beyond redemption. There are no limits, there are no conditions, only a Father after His child’s heart waiting to show her all he has in store.

Bind our wandering hearts to you, Jesus.

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