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Girl, go to sleep.

Good morning wow hello, hi. Oh it’s 5 in the afternoon? Great.

Have you ever been so tired you think if you tried to speak it would come out in a different language? Yeah. I’m there.

What about spiritually? Have you ever looked across the table at your closed Bible and shuttered at the energy it would take to open it. Hello, yes, also there.

MAN, I am tired.

This is for the one who can’t remember the last time she took a few minutes for herself. The one who pours every ounce of herself into everyone else. The one who’s gaslight came on about 50 miles ago. The one who is scared she’ll let someone down if she stops to breathe.

“My heart has heard you say, ‘come and talk with me.’ And my heart responds, ‘LORD, I am coming.'” Psalm 27:8

Press pause. Clear your schedule for the afternoon, tomorrow too if you need it. The world will not crumble. Give yourself permission to rest. Turn the lights down, take a hot bath, light some candles. Put down the phone, turn on some Worship music. Curl up in Jesus like the cold side of a blanket. Let Him cover you, take care of you, love on you, romance you.

Close your eyes and breathe deep.

He is calling you, go to Him. Let the spirit of weariness lift off your bones, let yourself drift from the chaos of your mind into stillness. Let your spirit be refreshed. Slip into the quietness of His presence, everything outside of it can wait. Come in and stay for a while.

Girl, go to sleep.

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