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If Ceilings Could Talk: Genesis 1

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I found this picture in my camera roll. It’s the ceiling of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia–that this week–some 55,000 eighteen to twenty-four year olds sat enamored under, listening to the hope of the Gospel being communicated by some of the greats. I thought it was only fitting for the word that the Lord has given me this morning.

Today is the first day following Passion 2017. It’s like December 26th all over again. You know what I’m talking about. The day after Christmas when all the hype is now past-tense and you’re surrounded by all of this new stuff and you don’t even know where to begin doing something with it.


So today, in keeping this short, my prayer is that the hype would remain present with us. That we as a generation of young people would put an end to the dilution of the holiness of the God that holds our living, breathing, moving and existence. That our prayer would not be for the the Lord to take us back to a place of knowing Him, but that He would renew us and move us FORWARD in the knowing and the growing. That He would fill us with purpose and a holy boldness in the face of this new year.

In that, I am starting from the only place I know to, and I pray that you will start there with me.

In the very beginning of Scripture the earth was “formless and empty,” Genesis 1 goes on to say, “darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

I want you to close your eyes and THINK about that for a second, put yourself there. The Earth in all of its mass and vastness was silent and utterly void of creation. I imagine a deadening coolness like the floor of a warehouse basement. The sound of a pin’s drop would resound like gunshot in the pitch black void. And there He was. This was the day He had chosen to embark upon humanity. This was the day He chose to put in motion something that would ultimately cost Him the life of His only son, because this “thing” would become broken and filthy. He did it anyway. This “thing” that would blatantly spit in His face. He did it anyway.  This “thing” that was completely unnecessary and irrelevant to His existence. This “thing” that would cause Him pain and suffering and burden. He did it anyway.


He thundered into the depths of space. And even knowing the things to come, He saw that it was good and He separated the light from the darkness. And He continues to do so every. single. day. The ultimate foreshadowing.

You are our prize, Jesus!


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