Jesus IS King

christians kill me. we pray for revival, we pray for the restoration of our country & for the salvation of our leaders & the moment that God begins to move we say, “oh wait, not Him, we didn’t mean Kanye West,” and just like that we put God back in the box we keep Him in.

there was a celebration in Heaven when Kanye said yes to Jesus just like there was a celebration in Heaven when you said yes to Jesus.

one of the greatest most prominent artists of our time has stepped out in faith, renounced his old life & publicly professed what God has done for him and disgustingly it’s not good enough for us?

what if we turn the questions around? doesn’t feel so good then, huh? what if the stones you’re throwing came back to knock you off of that high horse? here’s an idea, what if we trusted and we stood behind the work that God is doing even if we can’t understand it?

what if we actually started acting like believers and believed? what if we stopped allowing division to do exactly what it does – divide. what if we stood up? what if we set ourselves apart? what if we celebrated with Heaven instead of picking a fight against it?

by sitting down, by blending in and by refusing to clap we are giving the enemy the impression and the satisfaction that he’s in the lead. you don’t have to be part of the victory, nobody’s forcing you, but you better stay seated when they announce the winner.

coming from a girl who found Jesus in a jail cell, i’ve read the back of the book, it doesn’t end well for the other guys.

“Now that I’m in service to Christ, my job is to spread the Gospel. I’ve spread a lot of things. There was a time I let you know what high fashion had done for me, I let you know what the Hennessy had done for me…now I’m letting you know what Jesus has done for me.” – @kanyewest


  • amanda hurd

    yes girl! preach! i totally agree. let jesus be jesus ok. if Kanye is sharing the gospel, LET HIM! Jesus will work his salvation out if it aint real, but if it is… praise God! He (and the kardashians) have influence over HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people. Kanye just speaking the name of Jesus to that many people is huge! Whew! Im excited.

  • Lee

    Who is saying “no, not him” when it comes to God using him? You didn’t reference anything…

    Every believer I know, and have heard talk about this, is so excited about what God is doing through him. Could you explain what you read, or heard, that made you say this?

  • Mary. Ortegon

    Praise Jesus, he is worthy to be praised!!
    This exciting news and To have a young man renew his faith , he has great things in front of him. From now on It ‘Tis Well with his soul!!

  • Monica O'Neal

    HALLELUJAH PRAISE JESUS! What a wonderful time considering how many people follow every move and comment he and the Kardashians make!!! One step closer to Heaven for all of us which will be when every person has heard the name of Jesus!!!

  • Christy

    Blessed be the children who call out to God!!! Let them come this man will bring millions and his family will bring millions more!!! Jesus name will rise up from the ashes. Times are changing towards days of revelations but Gods children will rise up!!!

  • Debra Benson

    I’m over joyed, over joyed for him his family,Over joyed at how Wonderful God is forever Over joyed💝

  • Heather Shriver Burns

    YES YES YES!!!! Tears in my eyes reading this out loud. HEAVEN IS CELEBRATING…doesn’t mean he’s perfect. None of us are. Hence the AMAZING part of our Lord and Savior who has redeemed us. Keep shining for Him, sister! You have a gift with words. Keep unapologetically SHARING!

  • Vicki Burke

    God chooses who will spread His message. When the Israelites needed to hear the Good News, Jesus came to earth as a humble man of Jewish descent.
    Kanye West has a powerful voice and is very influential. I pray that he will be effective in spreading the Good News to everyone who loves his music.

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