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Millennial Madness: Free For Now

It has come to my attention, well, I have known it and I have forced it to be small and confined it to the back my of my mind, that the millennial generation, our generation, is largely and disturbingly uneducated when it comes to the current political climate. And here we are just 39 days shy of our next presidential election.

Our generation. Ha, as if we take pride in anything.

We have been lulled to sleep by mainstream media and our own disgusting contentment with the trajectory of our nation. We are loud. We have something to say, but lack the education to say it so instead we take to picketing and protesting and #standingwith the first controversial thing trending on Twitter for the sake of just that- being controversial. We are the biggest group of untaught pot-stirrers and whiners this world has ever seen, but let me let you in on a little secret:

If you do not vote. If you do not exercise the very freedom that has been handed you by men and women who for centuries have fought, bled and died for- you can not complain. You can not demand anything of anyone. I have very limited respect for someone who shrugs their shoulders in the face of Liberty.

If you are not outraged you are not paying attention. WAKE. UP. Stop being a victim. You are not one. We live in the freest country on the face of God’s green earth with the world and all of its resources at our soft little, hippie fingertips, but we are too entrenched in the latest Snapchat update, teaching our sons to use the women’s bathroom and the competition to see who can make the funniest meme about a dead gorilla to see that we are running ourselves into the ground.

Stop living offended and educate yourself. Stop assuming that what you see on social media is fact and research them for yourself. Your voice? It matters. If it didn’t, quite frankly you wouldn’t have been put here to eat and sleep and breathe with the freedoms that you have been put here with.

Freedom itself was not free, but registering to vote is (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER) As a young American voice myself, I am pleading with you to get up on your facts and know your stuff. “Be on your guard…stand firm, be courageous.” Let’s stop being the butt-end of every joke and let’s Make America Great Again.


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