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Not the Exception

“How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.”

God could’ve created anyone or anything in your place, but He thought of you.

Every freckle, the sound of your laugh, the way your forehead wrinkles when you think. How your eyes light up when you talk about something you R E A L L Y love – before the world began you were on the mind of the One that poured its foundation.

He’s so proud of you.

You are not an accident, you are not the product of coincidence or chance. No, you were a deliberate decision made by the creator of the universe. A perfect God who has never made a mistake.

And you are not the exception to that truth.

When we compare ourselves we are questioning the trustworthy character and contending the J O Y that was meant for you when he breathed you into your mama’s belly and said that you were fearfully, wonderfully and remarkably made, seen and set apart and accounted for and gushed over. Prized, purposed and made in the image of a Holy God.

For such a time as this.


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