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Don’t Miss the Mud

And that’s okay, you don’t have to be…

“If love endured that ancient cross, how precious is my savior’s blood? The beauty of heaven wrapped in my shame. The image of love upon death’s frame. If having my heart was worth the pain what joy could you see beyond the grave? If love saw my soul worth dying for, how wonderful? How glorious? My saviors scars victorious. My chains are gone, our debt is paid. From death to life and grace to grace.”

Hillsong Worship, Grace To Grace

Babes! I’m currently writing to you from the sky! Seat 14E to be exact. I’m in the middle and I have to pee lol they were the best of times, they were the worst of times.

There’s something about not being on the ground. I always tell my mom if something happens to me up here to make sure everyone wears bikinis to and speaks in a British accent at my life celebration. Everyone.

But as of right now there’s still breath in my lungs, and if you’re reading this that means there is breath in your lungs too and if there is breath in your lungs, don’t miss this—God is not done with you.

“As I breathe, I hope.” – a license plate I saw this week hehe

I know, I hear you—of course a license plate spoke to Lauren. LOL the Lord had already been stirring this word in my heart for weeks, I just hadn’t been totally sure how in the world to actually put it on paper because there was literally no way other than by it absolutely being downloaded from Heaven.

So, here’s the deal, my pastor, Louie Giglio (yeah, I know I freak out too), was preaching a couple of Sundays ago in his series titled There Is Good News. He was teaching from Luke 7 where Jesus brings a woman’s son back to life. Literally stops the funeral procession and tells this brotha to get up out of his casket, and as if my brain had fully digested that, Louie said something that took me to church nomsayin? He said, “Jesus wants to interrupt your funeral too.” Excuse me what? I nearly stood up in my seat and started waiving my jacket around, but I thought that might be a little much for the Baptists in the room.

Jesus wants to interrupt your funeral. Right there in my seat He began to bring to my mind stories in Scripture of healing and restoration. From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is a series of events that the world would deem over, hopeless, irreversible, but this is the word the Lord gave me: where the world would put a period, Jesus steps onto the scene and puts a comma

…and something always comes after a comma.

He is the Author of every story, the Healer of every broken heart, the Binder of every wound. It’s not over until He says that it is finished. I am here to tell you that Jesus, my Jesus, your Jesus—He gets the last word. Where there is death He breathes life into the lungs of your story.

As I sat in that seat, pages of my Bible that I had touched a thousand times, stories I had heard since Sunday school began to come to life and speak to my heart in a brand new way. In particular, John 9, when Jesus heals a man who had been blind since birth. The man said “He put mud on my eyes, I washed them and I can see!”

Almost audibly the Lord spoke to me and said Lauren, do not miss this. Mud, Lauren. I used mud. Something messy, something dirty, something that people spend their whole lives trying to get rid of to bring the miracle. Where the world had put a period, Jesus stepped in and put a comma in the life story of this blind man.

Flipping over to chapter 11, Lazarus, a dear friend of Jesus dies even though his sisters called Jesus to come and heal him. Here’s the thing—commas don’t always feel good—but they signify that something else is about to take place. I want to highlight this because even knowing the outcome, the Savior of the World felt the weight and the gravity of this tragedy so deeply that He wept. He knew the pain before it ever happened, but he knew it had to happen so that the miracle could happen. Where the world had put a period Jesus brought a dead man out of his tomb.

And then just a few pages to the right, the ultimate comma. The cross. Perfection, fully God, fully man. Hung there to be gawked at, humiliated on my account. It was my sin, my shame that held him there. Jesus is dead. The news echoed around the world. Death had won. Darkness began to claim it’s territory. But three days later, I would like to think with a grin on His face and victory in His eyes Jesus began to breathe again. Jesus is alive! Where the world had put a period, the resurrected King took His place.

This is what the world sees: The doctor said you can’t have children. Your marriage is over. The cancer has spread.

This is what Jesus says: The doctor said you can’t have children, your marriage feels over, the cancer has spread, but I get the last word. 

What death are you standing up against today? What miracle are you waiting for? What is it in your story that feels so messy, so far beyond repair that you’ve began to believe it must be outside of the reach of God? I am here to tell you that it is not.

When Jesus steps in, stories of fear become stories of faith, stories of pain become stories of purpose, stories of hurt come stories of healing and stories of death become stories of life. You don’t have to be okay right this minute, but if it feels like a period trust that it is only a pause.

Jesus wants to interrupt your funeral. God is not done with you. Something else is on it’s way.



(@Louie if you’re reading this, I promise I was paying attention…)


  • Emma Gressett

    As I am concerned about my grandson and the fact that he has strayed from God, left home and is living in a big city, this has made me aware that his story is not over until God says it is. That he is in Gods hands and no amount of worrying and fear will change Gods plan. All I can do is pray for him.

  • Tiffany

    This blog was posted and I was led to it by no other than Christ himself. As I type, I have tears flowing down my cheeks. As I am facing a battle and felt hopeless, this reminded me that it is not the end! Thank you for sharing such an awesome story and perspective and I am so thankful God led me to this word!!!

  • Michelle Byford

    Thanks to my following your dad, on FB, and him sharing the link to this, I have been totally blessed, Lauren. Thank you, sooo very much.

  • DeAnna Welch

    Thanks for this.
    The work the Lord has for me has changed a bit, but I’m realizing “my comma” through reading this.
    Thanks again, and yes, I am jelly of your pastor. lol

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